Why and when was Miura Board founded?

  • The patented technology behind Miura Board has been in use in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile with outstanding results for well over a decade.
  • We are, as a society, the biggest producers by far of plastic, carpet, and many other types of waste.



Where is your facility located?

  • We operate multiple facilities in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and soon the UAE



What is Miura Board™ like?

  • It’s a durable, versatile wood and plastic replacement – made from a fiber-reinforced plastic composite.
  • Miura Board™ is produced using 100% recycled materials, and the product itself is also recyclable at product end-of-life
  • Creation process: Miura Board™ takes in commingled plastics and combines them with rice hulls or post-consumer carpet backing. We then use a patented process to blend those thermoplastics with non-melting natural or synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester (PET), which can be drawn from a variety of sources, most notably post-consumer carpet.
  • We use only recycled materials and typically do not pigment; as a result, our product has been variously described as grey, slate, and even “cement-like” in appearance. However, custom colors are available for a premium – contact us for more information.


Why did you create this product? Was there a specific need, or just an idea for using waste?

  • “We started our company to save the planet from plastic waste and to reduce logging and the use of landfills. Essentially when most people see plastic waste, we actually see wasted plastic,” – Alfredo Faubel, Founder
  • Cut waste, not trees™ is our motto.



What locations/regions do you service?

  • We ship Miura Board™ everywhere in the world in 40′ and 20′ container loads. No retail sales.



Why is the versatility of the product so important?

  • “The beauty of this technology is that it’s very agnostic in terms of the kinds of feedstocks you can use,” – Alfredo Faubel, Founder
  • Miura Board™ has been variously likened to a “solution in search of a problem” and a Swiss army knife with an infinite number of tools. Our very creative customers find ever new uses for it because of its durability, eco-friendly nature, extremely low water absorption, impact and wear resistance, and ability to use in any application where you would use wood, PLUS it’s weldable and can be pressure washed.



Who are some of your notable clients?

  • Starbucks – All the stores in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • City of Gainesville Parks Recreation (Florida)



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