Miura Board: Insulation Protection

At Miura, we recently partnered with a client looking for insulation for various areas of their manufacturing facility. The client’s familiarity with Miura Board led to them specifically requesting that we engineer a solution. By partnering with us, they knew we would design and deliver the ideal solution and provide the products and assistance that they needed.

We took the initiative to send the client samples of our products. We hoped that the client would be impressed with the quality and durability of our products—and they were. The customer thought so highly of our products that they requested enough for use throughout the entirety of their building.

Although in this instance the client used our products in a manufacturing facility, Miura Board products are ideal for any organization looking to insulate pre-fabricated steel buildings with fiberglass fill, such as warehouses, offices, and trailers. Our clientele ranges from pre-fabricated building manufacturers to contractors to building owners.

The Challenge

Pre-fabricated steel buildings require the installation of insulation. Oftentimes, building owners opt for fiberglass insulation. However, this type of insulation lacks adequate durability. Over time, general wear and tear results in rips and holes. Additionally, workplace accidents involving workplace vehicles or machinery—such as forklifts—can damage the insulation prematurely.

To protect their fiberglass insulation, most building owners rely on plywood. However, generally, plywood does not serve as sufficient or effective protection for the insulation. In addition to only being 8 feet long—resulting in gaps in protection—plywood lacks durability and requires additional treatment (typically painting) to be waterproof.

Miura Board: The Ideal Solution

For these applications—and specifically the manufacturing facility client’s application—Miura Board serves as an ideal solution. Whereas plywood falls short of providing ample protection for insulation, Miura Board ticks virtually every box when it comes to protection requirements, including:

  • Adequate sizing. Our products can be manufactured up to 9 feet in length, which is tall enough to reach most upper girders in steel buildings. Comparable floor-to-girder protection using plywood would require additional plywood sheets.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Insulation solutions involving Miura Board require fewer parts, resulting in lower installation costs.
  • Durability. Miura Board’s exceptional durability also contributes to its cost-saving benefits. It doesn’t rot with the moisture that’s common in many industrial settings after processes like hose washing.
  • Fire rating. Miura Boards hold a Class C fire rating with ASTM E84.
  • Recyclability. Board trimmings and other excess material can easily be recycled.
  • Ease of installation. Miura Boards are easy to install, remove, and reinstall. They can be screwed directly into the building, routed for tongue and groove installation methods, welded together, taped, or glued.

Some of the other characteristics of Miura Boards include moisture resistance, excellent soundproofing, and low potential for static charge.

The Outcome

Our client’s fiberglass insulation is now fully protected thanks to Miura Boards’ exceptional ability to create a protective barrier. By installing Miura Board, they successfully increased the longevity of their insulation with minimal installation effort.

Our client was also impressed at the long-term cost savings our products provided. They no longer needed to continually invest in replacements for damaged or degraded plywood and fiberglass insulation. Miura Board’s notable fire rating and longevity only served to further solidify that our client made the right decision in partnering with us.

To find out more on how Miura Board can provide protection to your pre-fabricated building insulation, contact our representatives for a free quote on your project today.