Miura BoardTM provided a long-term solution for the Municipal Parks Department in Gainesville, Florida. Wood made up the planking on the boardwalks of 60 parks throughout the city, but it was falling apart or rotting away in many locations. The prospect of replacing tens of thousands of boards—as well as long-term maintenance—was an expensive one.

Earlier attempts to replace the wood planking with alternatives had failed. The City of Gainesville was eager to come up with a cost effective, durable, long-term solution. They approached us at Miura BoardTM, which proved to be the right solution.


The Challenge

Miura BoardTM has provided solutions to a variety of complex projects. In this instance for Gainesville, we had to overcome a number of challenges to make sure we provided an optimal solution that would be efficient and cost-effective for the city and its taxpayers. Some of the problems included: 

  • A public area with high foot traffic and a lot of wear
  • Theft, misuse, graffiti, and various forms of vandalism had contributed to the breakdown of the existing boardwalks
  • Swampy, wet climate that tends to increase the speed of rot in wood
  • Constant exposure to sun and other elements increases wear on boardwalks
  • Replacing with new wooden boardwalks would require significant sawdust cleanup in the public parks


The Solution

Miura BoardTM proved to be the right solution for addressing all the above challenges for several reasons. Here’s how we met the challenges posed by this project: 

  • Wear Resistance. The durability of Miura BoardTM makes it a viable solution for addressing long-term wear from high foot traffic. Our products also feature high impact resistance and include non-slip surfaces for improved safety.
  • Vandalism and Theft. Miura BoardTM is virtually vandal-proof. It does not splinter and break easily, and graffiti removal requires nothing more than a pressure washer (which can damage wood). Miura BoardTM  is also heavier than wood, which makes it difficult to detach and steal from a boardwalk.
  • Weatherproof. Miura BoardTM does not rot when exposed to harsh, damp conditions. It is UV resistant and resists wear from other environmental factors as well. 


The Results

Using Miura BoardTM  to replace boardwalk planking in the 60 parks maintained by the Municipal Parks Department of Gainesville, Florida proved to be the solution the city needed. Ultimately, the customer was highly satisfied with the results of the project, which gave them an affordable, long-lasting boardwalk that was eco-friendly and resistant to wear. 

As a wood alternative, Miura BoardTM is one of the most cost-efficient materials available. It is made of 100% recycled material and resists weather, impacts, and wear. Contact us for more information about the full range of Miura BoardTM solutions available to your organization.