There are critical advantages to using wood-alternative products like Miura Board™ due to its very low water absorption <1%. Changes in humidity cause wood to expand and contract, which leads to cracks and splinters. Widening cracks let in more moisture, which causes more movement and leads to further cracking, along with peeling and wood decay.

A major advantage of our fiber-reinforced composites is they stay stable when exposed to moisture. The manufactured products do expand with temperature changes – as all materials do – but the movement is less extreme, compared to movement caused by moisture. Our Miura Board™ also doesn’t warp or split like pressure-treated lumber does, so you don’t have to select for straight or knot-free boards.


How Our Products Apply to Public Works & Government Projects?

There are important ways in which our Miura Board™ is ideal for parks departments and coastal cities. These fiber-reinforced plastic composites can be used in a multitude of public space projects including:

  • Boardwalks
  • Stadiums and bleachers
  • Ramps
  • Parks
  • Marinas
  • Equestrian facilities

Our products can also help meet environmental or green building requirements that may be placed on your projects.


Advantages of Working With Miura Board™

Miura Board™ is more durable than wood, so you don’t have to replace it as frequently. Because of this, you save on labor and material costs, which helps stretch your budget. There is also less maintenance needed for our products, so you have savings that can be put toward other public works projects.

Miura Board™ is also more environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled products and is itself 100% recyclable, which adheres to many municipalities’ stated green policies. Miura Board™ is a good alternative to plastics that are getting banned in many locales to help the environment.

Since China isn’t buying plastic waste, municipal recycling plants need in some cases to send it to costly landfills instead. Plus, separating some plastics is difficult, causing large volumes of unsorted and commingled material to end up in landfills. Our company is helping divert this waste stream by using it to make Miura Board™. We can virtually use commingled plastics 1 through 7 with the exception of PVC.


Choose Miura Board™ for Your Government/Public Works Project

If you’re looking for a wood alternative for your state or municipal project, consider Miura BoardTM. Our manufactured products have several advantages over other materials, including being 100% recyclable.

Before you use pressure-treated lumber for your next ramp, marina, or boardwalk, remember the lower cost of ownership, savings and other benefits you get with Miura Board™ fiber-reinforced plastic composites. The money saved with us can be put toward other projects that are on the docket in your city.

To get started on incorporating Miura Board™ into your of public works infrastructure, contact us today.