Flooring material for transportation vehicles and cargo equipment is chosen for its durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance and installation. While wood is a popular option, its sensitivity to humidity eventually causes structural problems. As moisture enters, the wood swells. Natural porosity and small imperfections become entry points for fungi and bacteria, which can result in the growth of rot and mildew, development of persistent odors, and contamination of fresh produce, foodstuffs, or other valuable cargo.

Manufactured wood-alternative products provide a solution to these problems, as well as a number of benefits. These materials are mostly non-porous or are sealed during production, making them more durable in damp environments. Though these materials are still affected by temperature changes, they are able to remain relatively stable and retain the desired functional properties.

Wood-alternative products are engineered to maintain their shape and size and resist warping. For applications that require long-term stability and durability, these characteristics make this high-quality material suitable for use without the risk of decay or deformation.


Miura Board™ Wood-Alternative Materials for Transportation Equipment

At Miura Board™, we make superior wood-alternative materials for transportation vehicles. Our product is suitable for a variety of flooring applications. In the transportation sector, our sheet-style materials extend the useful life of trailers and shipping containers by making them more durable, safer, and more resistant to environmental factors.

In a trailer, the top flooring layer supports the weight of the load. Usually composed of wood boards resting on top of a stabilized steel component or other understructure, this thin load-bearing layer must resist deformation and fatigue in the face of the weight and constant movement of livestock, loading and unloading heavy pallets, forklift traffic, and environmental elements.

Additionally, while traditional wood flooring may require 26 planks, six Miura Boards could fulfill the same purpose and provide a more stable surface. Using less individual materials means fewer seams, and fewer joints mean less shifting, which reduces the amount of wear-and-tear on trailer floors. Fewer gaps also make it less likely that mold-encouraging moisture can work its way into the trailer’s flooring.

Shipping containers usually have marine plywood or laminated hardwood flooring, to protect cargo from seepage and moisture damage. At Miura BoardTM, we have the capacity to extrude 40’ long sheets with a thickness of 1.25 inches. These sheets can be customized to lengths and thicknesses to fit client’s specifications.


Benefits of Partnering With Miura Board™

There are numerous benefits to using Miura Board™ instead of traditional wood-based materials in the construction of your transportation vehicles and cargo equipment, including:

  • High durability
  • Withstands constant pressure, impact, and wear
  • High compression strength
  • Water absorption <1%
  • Provides a non-slip surface that reduces the risk of accidents and inventory movement during transport
  • Ease of fabrication, including router and water jet cutting, welding, nailing, drilling, and sanding
  • No splintering or cracking
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • UV resistant
  • Immune to molds, termites, and other infestations
  • Noncorroding
  • Thermal and noise insulation
  • Flame retardant
  • Fully recyclable

Our materials offer all the advantages of wood with additional functional benefits. Using Miura Board™ in your transportation vehicle build gives you strong, safe, and reliable flooring.


Make Miura Board™ a Part of Your Next Transportation Project

Using the wrong flooring can compromise the quality and integrity of your transported products. Consider using wood-alternative materials for your vehicles and equipment to protect your cargo during transport and storage.

Miura Board™ is environmentally friendly, as it’s made from recycled plastic and post-consumer carpet waste. Our fiber-reinforced composite is easy on the environment without sacrificing any of the qualities you need for your transportation project. Wood-alternative flooring gives your cargo vehicle project the durability and reliability you need at prices that fit comfortably into your budget.

To find out how Miura Board™ can improve your existing transportation plans or equipment, contact our representatives for a free quote on your project today.